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Solenoid Valve Specifications & Dimensions: 2MS120-250 & 2MSO120-250 Series

Valve Model 2MS120 2MS150 2MS200 2MS250 2MSO120 2MSO150 2MSO200 2MSO250
Valve Type 2 Way Normally Closed (NC) 2 Way Normally Open (NO)
Action Pilot Piston Pilot Piston
Cv (Orifice) 4.5 (12mm) 4.5 (15mm) 7.6 (20mm) 12 (25mm) 4.5 (12mm) 4.5 (15mm) 7.6 (20mm) 12 (25mm)
Operating Pressure Standard: Vacuum to 230PSI

Medium Options: 6 to 580PSI (VDC); 6 to 725PSI (VAC)

High Option: 87 to 1450PSI
Standard: 6 to 230PSI
Port Size (NPT) 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Body Material 304 Stainless Steel (Option: 316SS) 304 Stainless Steel (Option: 316SS)
Seal Material PTFE (Option: Viton) PTFE (Option: Viton)
Coil Protection Insulation Class H Class IP65 H Class IP65
Coil Duty 100% ED 100% ED
Coil Power VDC: 20W; VAC: 22VA VDC: 20W; VAC: 22VA
Electrical Connection DIN DIN
Service Air, Inert Gas, Liquid, Steam, Vacuum Air, Inert Gas, Liquid, Steam, Vacuum

2MS Series: 2/2 Pilot Piston Normally Closed Solenoid Valve
The 2MS Series valves are 2 way, normally closed, internal pilot piston solenoid valves. When the coil is energized, it lifts the pilot valve off the top of the piston ring and pressure under the piston ring forces the piston up to open the main valve orifice. When the coil is de-energized, the pilot valve returns to close the pilot orifice and pressure across the piston ring is equalized through a timing orifice in the side of the piston or in the valve body. The piston spring returns the piston to close the main valve orifice.

2MSO Series: 2/2 Pilot Piston Normally Open Solenoid Valve
The 2MSO series valves are 2 way, normally open, internal pilot piston solenoid valves.
To Close: when the valve is energized, it repels the plunger and forces the plunger to close the main orifice. The system pressure builds up on the top of the piston because fluid enters through the bleed orifice, forcing the piston down until it covers the main orifice and stops media flow through the valve.
To Open: When the valve is de-energized, it releases the plunger and the spring pushes the plunger away from the pilot orifice, allowing fluid to flow out and causing the system pressure holding the piston closed to drop. As system pressure on the top of the piston is reduced, full system pressure on the opposite side of the piston acts to lift the piston away from the main orifice, which allows the full media flow through the valve.

ALL standard valves are supplied with Continuous Duty Coils of the proper class of insulation for the service indicated on the valve. It is normal for the coil temperature may become hot after being energized for extended periods. Smoke or burning odor indicates excessive coil temperature and the power should be disconnected to the coil immediately.

SERVICE LIFE: The service life of the solenoid valve depends on the operating conditions such as pressure, temperature, type of medium, and the voltage.

2MS/2MSO Series Dimensions (mm)
Normally Closed (NC) Normally Open (NO) Port Size (NPT) Orifice Cv L H1 H
2MS150-1/22MSO150-1/2 1/2154.575117140
2MS200-3/42MSO200-3/4 3/4207.675122147
2MS320-1 1/42MSO320-1 1/41 1/43222110143155
2MS400-1 1/22MSO400-1 1/21 1/24030122145160
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Units in mm

Electrical Coil Connections

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