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Solenoid Valve Specifications & Dimensions:  2P025 Series

Part No.

Valve Picture

Port Size

Voltage  Options

Electrical Entry Options

Port No/ Position/Solenoid

Flow Rate

Response Time

Power Consumption

2P025 1/8 


1/8 NPT




D= DIN (with LED indicator)


Direct Acting 
Normally closed 
Two Way Valve

22 SCFM @100 PSI

< 20 ms

3W for 60PSI

4.8W  for 115 PSI

6.5W  for 150 PSI

2P025 1/4

1/4 NPT

2P Series Valve Specifications 

Port & Mounting

Body Ported

Action & Motion

Direct Acting, Normally Closed, Two Position, 2 to 3 Way

Operating Pressure

28" Hg to 115 PSI (Coil Wattage Dependent)

Working Medium

air, inert gas & liquid

Maximum Pressure

150 PSI

Operating Temperature

 (-5 to 80 Deg. C)  with non-freezing medium

Coil Insulation & Protection Class

F Class, IP65 (CE Certification)

Coil Duty Cycle

100% ED

Electrical Connection

D = DIN (with LED indicator, conduit terminal)
G = Grommet (12” Lead Wire)

Body Material

Engineered Plastic

Seal Material

NBR (Buna N)

Armature Tube Brass
Plunger & Spring Stainless steel

2P Series Valves are DIRECT ACTING solenoid valves and do not require a minimum operating differential pressure. As shown below when the coil is energized (right diagram), it lifts the solenoid plunger, which normally rests on the valve seat and lifts it to open the main valve orifice. When the coil is de-energized (right diagram), the spring force the plunger return to the valve seat to close the valve orifice.


Electrical Coil Connections

For DIN Coil

To connect DIN coil:
1. Remove the Philip screw from the plastic housing and unplug it from the DIN coil.
2. From the screw opening, use the screw to push the terminal block out of the plastic housing.
3. Note the 1, 2 and ground markings on underside of DIN enclosure.
4. For DC DIN Coil, Connect 1 to Positive, 2 to Negative.
5. For AC DIN Coil, connect 1 to HOT wire, 2 to Neutral wire, and if required connect ground to ground wire.

For Grommet Coil

To connect Grommet coil:
1.  For DC Coil, connect one of the two wires to Positive, and the other wire to Negative.
2. For AC Coil, connect one of the two wires to HOT wire, and the other wire to neutral wire.

STC's high performance direct acting plastic body solenoid valves offer reliability, compact and rugged designs, low power consumption, high-speed response, long life cycle - over 10 million cycles, DIN connections and indicator lights, pre-wired electric connections, manifold mounting options, and simple installation, maintenance, and control.

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