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Support & Downloads

Click the links below to download the STC catalog and installation instructions.

A. Download Catalogs
Item Click on a Link to Download Description
1 STC Valves & Pneumatic Components Complete STC 2016 Catalog.
Past Versions: PUB08C, PUB11C, PUB14, PUB15
2 STC Air & Electric Actuated Valves Catalog Air & Electric Actuated Valves
3 STC Air Filters, Regulators, Lubricators Catalog Air Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators (FRL)
4 STC Barb & Compression Fittings Stainless Steel Barb & Compression Fittings
5 STC Stainless Steel Push In Fittings Stainless Steel Push In Fittings
6 2E Series High Pressure Solenoid Valves High Pressure Solenoid Valve for Cryogenic and High Temperature Applications
7 2MS Series High Temperature/Steam Valve High Pressure Solenoid Valve for High Temperature Applications
8 2LS Series Zero Differential High Temperature Valve Zero Differential High Temperature Solenoid Valves
9 2S Series Zero Differential High Flow Valves Zero Differential High Flow Solenoid Valves

B. Installation Instructions
Item Click on a Link to Download Description
1 Electrical Connection Procedure Solenoid Coil Electrical Connection Procedure
2 STC Manual & Actuated Process Valves STC Manual & Actuated Process Valves
3 STC Direction Solenoid Valves Installation of 3V & 4V 100-400 Series Solenoid Valves
4 STC Direct Acting Valves STC Direct Acting Valve Installation
5 STC 3 Position Valves STC Operating Procedure 3 Position 4 Way Solenoid Valves
6 STC Filter-Regulator-Lubricator Operating Manual for FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator)
7 STC VHS Lockout Valve STC Lock Out Valves
8 STC Programmable Timer STC Programmable Timer
9 STC KS/KD Actuated Valve Manual STC KS/KD Actuated Valve Catalog and Operating Manual
10 STC Electric Actuator Model STC Electric Actuator Operating Manual
11 2E100 STEP Model STC 2E100 3D Model
12 2E150 STEP Model STC 2E150 3D Model

C. Product Manuals
Item Manual
1 STC Actuated Valve Owner's Manual
2 STC Air Cylinder Owner's Manual
3 STC Air Valve Owner's Manual
4 STC Digital Timer 2W200C-T-DH&DL Owner's Manual
5 STC Fittings Owner's Manual
6 STC FRL Owner's Manual
7 STC Process Valve Owner's Manual
8 STC Solenoid Valve Owner's Manual

D. Reference Information
Item Click on a Link to Download Description
1 Chemical Compatibility Chart (Static Version) Chemical Compatibility Chart
2 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ on Solenoid Valves
3 STC China Factory Tour Tour of STC China Factory
4 STC 2016 Price List: Excel-xls, PDF. STC 2016 Price List
5 Resource Links Resource Links for ANSI, CSA, EIA, ETL, IEEE, ISO, UL, etc.

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