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Straight Compression Fitting Specifications

Specifications Pressure
Operating Temperature -425 to 600°F Tube (OD) Maximum Pressure (PSI @ 72°F)*
1/16" 10,000
Material of Construction 316 Stainless Steel 1/8" 2mm 8,800
3/16" 4mm 5,500
Compatible with Swagelok®, Parker A-Lok, Let-Lock, Yor-Lock 1/4" 6mm 4,200
Service Air, Water, Steam, Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas, most solvents and acids that are compatible with 316SS 5/16" 8mm 3,300
3/8" 10mm 2,800
1/2" 12mm 2,500
5/8" 16mm 2,300
3/4" 18mm 2,100
1" 20mm 1,900
*Maximum pressures are based on Type 304 and 316 annealed stainless steel welded tubing made to ASTM A213, A249, or A269 standards.

Female Connector
Tube Size, ФD Thread Size Part No. A B D E F G H
1/8"N1/8FCC 1/8 N1/828.71212.72141022.1
1/8"N1/4FCC 1/8 N1/433.51512.72171027.0
1/4"N1/8FCC 1/4 N1/831.21515.35141424.0
1/4"N1/4FCC 1/4 N1/435.81515.35171428.4
1/4"N3/8FCC 1/4 N3/837.61515.35221430.2
1/4"N1/2FCC 1/4 N1/242.42015.35271435.1
3/8"N1/8FCC 3/8 N1/832.81216.85171925.4
3/8"N1/4FCC 3/8 N1/437.61516.86171930.2
3/8"N3/8FCC 3/8 N3/839.11516.88221931.8
3/8"N1/2FCC 3/8 N1/243.92016.88271936.6
3/8"N3/4FCC 3/8 N3/447.82116.88321940.4
1/2"N1/8FCC 1/2 N1/837.31222.85222227.2
1/2"N1/4FCC 1/2 N1/440.41522.86222230.2
1/2"N3/8FCC 1/2 N3/842.01522.88222231.8
1/2"N1/2FCC 1/2 N1/246.72022.810272236.6
1/2"N1/4FCC 1/2 N3/448.32122.810322238.2
1/2"N1FCC 1/2 N151.32422.810402241.2
5/8"N3/8FCC 5/8 N3/842.11524.48272732.0
5/8"N1/2FCC 5/8 N1/246.92024.411272736.8
5/8"N3/4FCC 5/8 N3/448.52124.412322738.4
3/4"N1/2FCC 3/4 N1/246.72024.415273036.6
3/4"N3/4FCC 3/4 N3/448.32124.415323038.1
1"N3/4FCC 1 N3/453.32131.321353841.0
1"N1FCC 1 N162.22431.321403850.0
4mmR1/8FCC 4 R1/829.71213.73141223.1
6mmR1/8FCC 6 R1/831.31215.35141423.9
6mmR1/4FCC 6 R1/435.81515.35171428.4
6mmR3/8FCC 6 R3/837.61515.35221430.2
6mmR1/2FCC 6 R1/242.52015.35271435.1
8mmR1/8FCC 8 R1/832.11216.25141724.6
8mmR1/4FCC 8 R1/4371516.26171729.5
8mmR3/8FCC 8 R3/838.51516.26221731.0
8mmR1/2FCC 8 R1/243.32016.26271735.8
10mmR1/8FCC 10 R1/834.81217.25191927.2
10mmR1/4FCC 10 R1/437.81517.26191930.2
10mmR3/8FCC 10 R3/839.41517.28221931.8
10mmR1/2FCC 10 R1/244.22017.28271936.8
12mmR1/8FCC 12 R1/837.31222.85222227.2
12mmR1/4FCC 12 R1/440.31522.86222230.2
12mmR3/8FCC 12 R3/841.91522.88222231.2
12mmR1/2FCC 12 R1/246.72022.810272236.6
12mmR3/4FCC 12 R3/448.32122.810322238.2
12mmR1FCC 12 R151.32422.810402241.2
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Male Connector
Tube Size, ФD Thread Size Part No. A B D E F G H
1/16"N1/8MCC 1/16 N1/826.5108.61101022.7
1/16"N1/4MCC 1/16 N1/829.8138.61141026.0
1/8"N1/8MCC 1/8 N1/830.81012.73121024.2
1/8"N1/4MCC 1/8 N1/4 34.41312.73141027.8
1/8"N3/8MCC 1/8 N3/835.61412.73171029.0
1/8"N1/2MCC 1/8 N1/240.11712.73221033.5
3/16"N1/8MCC 3/16 N1/831.51013.73121224.9
3/16"N1/8MCC 3/16 N1/435.11313.73141228.5
1/4"N1/8MCC 1/4 N1/833.11015.35141427.7
1/4"N1/4MCC 1/4 N1/436.61315.35141429.3
1/4"N3/8MCC 1/4 N3/838.21415.35171430.8
1/4"N1/2MCC 1/4 N1/242.61715.35221435.1
1/4"N3/4MCC 1/4 N3/446.11915.35271438.8
3/8"N1/8MCC 3/8 N1/835.6 1016.85171728.2
3/8"N1/4MCC 3/8 N1/438.81316.86171731.3
3/8"N3/8MCC 3/8 N3/839.81416.88171732.3
3/8"N1/2MCC 3/8 N1/244.11716.88221736.8
3/8"N3/4MCC 3/8 N3/447.71916.88271740.3
1/2"N1/8MCC 1/2 N1/839.21022.85222229.0
1/2"N1/4MCC 1/2 N1/442.21322.86222232.1
1/2"N3/8MCC 1/2 N3/843.21422.88222233.1
1/2"N1/2MCC 1/2 N1/246.91722.810222236.8
1/2"N3/4MCC 1/2 N3/450.41922.810272240.3
1/2"N1MCC 1/2 N155.22222.810352245.0
5/8"N3/8MCC 5/8 N3/843.91424.48242733.8
5/8"N1/2MCC 5/8 N1/246.91724.410242736.8
5/8"N3/4MCC 5/8 N3/450.41924.412272740.3
3/4"N1/2MCC 3/4 N1/248.41724.4102730 38.2
3/4"N3/4MCC 3/4 N3/450.41924.415273040.3
3/4"N1MCC 3/4 N155.22224.415353045.0
1"N1/2MCC 1 N1/255.41731.310353843.1
1"N3/4MCC 1 N3/457.41931.316.5353845.1
1"N1MCC 1 N160.42231.320353848.1
4mmR1/8MCC 4 R1/831.51013.73101224.9
4mmR1/4MCC 4 R1/435.11313.73141229.5
4mmR3/8MCC 4 R3/837.11413.73171230.5
4mmR1/2MCC 4 R1/241.11713.73221234.5
6mmR1/8MCC 6 R1/833.11015.35141425.7
6mmR1/4MCC 6 R1/436.71315.35141429.3
6mmR3/8MCC 6 R3/838.21415.35171430.8
6mmR1/2MCC 6 R1/242.71715.35221435.3
8mmR1/8MCC 8 R1/834.51016.25191727
8mmR1/4MCC 8 R1/437.51316.26191730
8mmR3/8MCC 8 R3/839.11416.26191731.6
8mmR1/2MCC 8 R1/243.61716.26221736.1
10mmR1/8MCC 10 R1/836.61017.25271929
10mmR1/4MCC 10 R1/439.71317.26221932.1
10mmR3/8MCC 10 R3/840.71417.28221933.1
10mmR1/2MCC 10 R1/244.51717.28221936.9
10mmR3/4MCC 10 R3/4481917.28221940.4
12mmR1/8MCC 12 R1/839.11022.85272229
12mmR1/4MCC 12 R1/442.21322.86342232.1
12mmR3/8MCC 12 R3/843.21422.88242233.1
12mmR1/2MCC 12 R1/2471722.810242236.9
12mmR3/4MCC 12 R3/4501922.810272240.4
12mmR1MCC 12 R155.32222.810242745.2
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Bulkhead Union
Tube Size, ФD Part No. A B D E F G H Panelhole Size Max. Panel Thickness
1/4"BUC 1/457.726.015.25171442.911.510.2
5/16"BUC 5/1661.028.616.26191746.013.111.2
3/8"BUC 3/862.229.016.87191746.016.311.2
1/2"BUC 1/
3/4"BUC 3/479.038.024.415303058.726.016.8
1"BUC 195.850.031.221403871.433.226.0
6mmBUC 657.726.215.35171442.911.510.2
8mmBUC 861.028.616.26191746.013.111.2
10mmBUC 1063.729.417.28191948.516.311.2
12mmBUC 1271.031.822.810242250.819.512.7
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Straight Union
Tube Size, ФD Part No. A D E F G H
1/16"SUC 1/1625.18.61101017.5
1/8"SUC 1/835.612.72101022.4
3/16"SUC 3/1637.313.73121224.1
1/4"SUC 1/440.915.24121426.2
5/16"SUC 5/1643.216.26141728.2
3/8"SUC 3/845.016.87171730.2
1/2"SUC 1/251.322.910222231.0
5/8"SUC 5/852.124.412242731.0
3/4"SUC 3/453.624.415273033.3
1"SUC 164.831.221353840.4
4mmSUC 437.313.73121224.1
6mmSUC 641.015.34121426.2
8mmSUC 843.216.26141728.2
10mmSUC 1046.217.28191931.0
12mmSUC 1251.222.810222231.0
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Reducing Union
Tube Size, ФD1 Tube Size, ФD2 Part No. A D1 D2 E G1 G2 F H
1/16"1/8"RUC 1/16-1/831.08.612.7112101220.6
1/8"3/16"RUC 1/8-3/1636.612.713.7312121223.4
1/8"1/4"RUC 1/8-1/438.612.715.2314141424.6
1/4"5/16"RUC 1/4-5/1642.215.216.2514171427.4
1/4"3/8"RUC 1/4-3/843.215.216.8514171728.4
1/4"1/2"RUC 1/4-1/
3/8"1/2"RUC 3/8-1/248.516.822.8717222231.0
1/2"3/4"RUC 1/2-3/453.622.824.41019302733.3
3/4"1"RUC 3/4-162.724.431.21522383540.4
4mm6mmRUC 4-639.413.715.3312141424.4
6mm8mmRUC 6-842.315.316.2514171427.4
6mm10mmRUC 6-1044.515.317.2514191929.5
6mm12mmRUC 6-1247.315.322.8514222229.5
8mm10mmRUC 8-1045.116.217.2617191930.0
8mm12mmRUC 8-1247.816.222.8617222230.2
10mm12mmRUC 10-1248.717.222.8819222231.0
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Tube Stem Reducer
Tube Size, ФD Pipe Size Part No. A D E F G H
1/16"1/8"TRC 1/16X1/829.28.61101025.4
1/16"1/4TRC 1/16X1/431.58.61101027.7
1/8"1/16TRC 1/8X1/1629.012.70.7101220.3
1/8"1/8"TRC 1/8X1/833.512.72101226.9
1/8"1/4"TRC 1/8X1/436.012.73101229.5
1/8"3/8"TRC 1/8X3/837.612.73101231.0
1/8"1/2"TRC 1/8X1/244.212.73141237.6
1/4"1/8"TRC 1/4X1/836.815.22121429.5
1/4"1/4"TRC 1/4X1/438.115.24121431.8
1/4"3/8"TRC 1/4X3/840.615.25121433.3
1/4"1/2"TRC 1/4X1/246.215.25141438.9
1/4"5/8"TRC 1/4X5/848.015.25171440.6
1/4"3/4"TRC 1/4X3/447.015.25191440.4
3/8"1/4"TRC 3/8X1/441.416.84171734.0
3/8"3/8"TRC 3/8X3/843.216.87171735.8
3/8"1/2"TRC 3/8X1/248.516.88171741.1
3/8"5/8"TRC 3/8X5/850.316.88171742.9
3/8"3/4"TRC 3/8X3/450.316.88221742.9
1/2"1/4"TRC 1/2X1/445.022.84222234.8
1/2"3/8"TRC 1/2X3/846.722.87222236.6
1/2"1/2"TRC 1/2X1/252.322.810222242.2
1/2"5/8"TRC 1/2X5/850.822.810222243.7
1/2"3/4"TRC 1/2X3/453.822.810222243.7
1/2"1"TRC 1/2X160.222.810272250.0
5/8"3/4"TRC 5/8X3/454.624.412242744.5
5/8"1"TRC 5/8X161.024.412272750.8
3/4"1/2"TRC 3/4X1/254.624.410273044.5
3/4"1"TRC 3/4X162.524.415273052.3
4mm6mmTRC 4X637.113.73101230.5
6mm8mmTRC 6X839.915.35121432.5
6mm10mmTRC 6X1040.715.35121433.3
6mm12mmTRC 6X1246.315.35141438.9
8mm6mmTRC 8X640.316.25141732.8
8mm10mmTRC 8X1042.016.26141734.5
8mm12mmTRC 8X1247.616.26141740.1
10mm6mmTRC 10X642.417.25171934.8
10mm8mmTRC 10X843.417.26171935.8
10mm12mmTRC 10X1249.817.28171942.2
12mm6mmTRC 12X644.922.85222234.8
12mm8mmTRC 12X845.922.86222235.8
12mm10mmTRC 12X1046.722.88222236.6
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Butt Weld Pipe Connect
Tube Size, ФD Pipe Size Part No. A B D E F G H J
1/8"1/8"BWC 1/8X1/830.41012.73121223.810.3
3/16"1/8"BWC 3/16X1/831.21013.73121223.810.3
1/4"1/8"BWC 1/4X1/832.81015.25121425.410.3
1/4"1/4"BWC 1/4X1/437.81315.25141430.513.7
3/8"1/4"BWC 3/8X1/438.61316.88171732.513.7
3/8"3/8"BWC 3/8X3/839.81416.88221732.517.1
3/8"1/2"BWC 3/8X1/246.21716.88221738.821.3
3/8"3/4"BWC 3/8X3/447.81916.88271740.426.7
1/2"3/8"BWC 1/2X3/845.21422.810222233.317.1
1/2"1/2"BWC 1/2X1/249.01722.810222238.821.3
1/2"3/4"BWC 1/2X3/450.51922.810272240.426.7
5/8"1/2"BWC 5/8X1/249.01724.412272738.821.3
3/4"3/4"BWC 3/4X3/450.51924.415273040.426.7
1"1"BWC 1X162.22231.221353850.033.4
4mm1/8"BWC 4X1/831.21013.73121224.611.3
6mm1/8"BWC 6X1/832.81015.35121425.411.3
6mm1/4"BWC 6X1/437.91315.35141430.513.7
8mm1/8"BWC 8X1/834.21016.26141726.711.3
8mm1/4"BWC 8X1/438.71316.26141731.213.7
8mm1/2"BWC 8X1/246.51717.08221738.121.3
10mm1/4"BWC 10X1/440.91317.28171933.313.7
10mm3/8"BWC 10X3/843.41422.810222233.317.1
10mm1/2"BWC 10X1/246.51717.28221938.921.3
12mm1/4"BWC 12X1/443.41322.88222234.013.7
12mm3/4"BWC 12X3/443.41422.810222238.917.1
12mm1/2"BWC 12X1/249.01722.810222238.921.3
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Tube Size, ФD Part No. A D F G H
1/16"CPC 1/1615.08.6101011.2
1/8"CPC 1/820.112.7121213.5
3/16"CPC 3/1621.313.7121214.7
1/4"CPC 1/423.415.2141417.0
3/8"CPC 3/825.716.3171718.3
1/2"CPC 1/229.222.8222219.1
3/4"CPC 3/431.524.4273021.3
1"CPC 138.431.2353826.2
4mmCPC 421.313.7121214.7
6mmCPC 623.115.3141415.7
8mmCPC 824.516.2141717.0
10mmCPC 1026.617.2191919.0
12mmCPC 1229.122.8222219.0
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Nut Plug
Tube Size, ФD Part No. G L Tube Size, ФD Part No. G
1/16"NTC 1/16107.9   1/16"PGC 1/1610.0
1/8"NTC 1/81011.9   1/8"PGC 1/810.0
3/16"NTC 3/161211.9   3/16"PGC 3/1612.0
1/4"NTC 1/41412.7   1/4"PGC 1/414.0
3/8"NTC 3/81713.5   3/8"PGC 3/817.0
1/2"NTC 1/22217.5   1/2"PGC 1/222.0
5/8"NTC 5/82717.5      
3/4"NTC 3/43017.5   3/4"PGC 3/432.0
1"NTC 13820.6   1"PGC 138.0
4mmNTC 41211.9   4mmPGC 412
6mmNTC 61412.7   6mmPGC 614
8mmNTC 81713.5   8mmPGC 816
10mmNTC 101915.1   10mmPGC 1019
12mmNTC 122217.4   12mmPGC 1222
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.   Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Male Bulkhead Connector
Tube Size, ФD Thread Size Part No. A B D E F G H Panel Hole Size Max. Panel Thickness
1/4"N1/8BCC 1/4 N1/850.91015.35171442.411.510.2
1/4"N1/4BCC 1/4 N1/449.51315.35171446.711.510.2
1/4"N3/8BCC 1/4 N3/854.91415.35171440.911.510.2
1/4"N1/2BCC 1/4 N1/257.91715.35221443.911.510.2
3/8"N1/4BCC 3/8 N1/457.41316.88191742.016.311.2
3/8"N3/8BCC 3/8 N3/857.41416.88191743.016.311.2
3/8"N1/2BCC 3/8 N1/263.81716.88191747.016.311.2
1/2"N1/4BCC 1/2 N1/462.21322.810221742.719.512.7
1/2"N3/8BCC 1/2 N3/863.21422.810221943.719.512.7
1/2"N1/2BCC 1/2 N1/268.81722.810221958.819.512.7
6mmR1/8BCC 6 R1/850.91015.35171442.411.510.2
6mmR1/4BCC 6 R1/453.61315.35171446.211.510.2
6mmR3/8BCC 6 R3/854.91415.35171440.911.510.2
6mmR1/2BCC 6 R1/257.91715.35221443.911.510.2
8mmR1/8BCC 8 R1/853.41016.26191738.413.111.2
8mmR1/4BCC 8 R1/456.41316.26191741.413.111.2
8mmR3/8BCC 8 R3/857.41416.26191742.413.111.2
8mmR1/2BCC 8 R1/260.41716.26221745.413.111.2
10mmR1/4BCC 10 R1/456.01317.28191942.016.311.2
10mmR3/8BCC 10 R3/856.01417.28191943.016.311.2
10mmR1/2BCC 10 R1/259.01717.28241947.016.311.2
12mmR1/4BCC 12 R1/462.21322.810242242.719.512.7
12mmR3/8BCC 12 R3/863.21422.810242243.719.512.7
12mmR1/2BCC 12 R1/268.81722.810242258.719.512.7
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Socket Weld Pipe Connector
Tube Size, ФD Pipe Size Part No. A B D E F G H
1/8"1/8"SWC 1/8X1/828.71212.72141222.1
1/8"1/4"SWC 1/8X1/433.51512.72171227.0
1/4"1/8"SWC 1/4X1/831.21215.25171424.0
1/4"1/4"SWC 1/4X1/435.81515.25171428.4
1/4"3/8"SWC 1/4X3/837.61515.25221430.2
1/4"1/2"SWC 1/4X1/242.42015.25271435.1
3/8"1/8"SWC 3/8X1/832.81216.85171925.4
3/8"1/4"SWC 3/8X1/437.61516.86171930.2
3/8"3/8"SWC 3/8X3/839.11516.88221931.8
3/8"1/2"SWC 3/8X1/243.92016.88271936.6
3/8"3/4"SWC 3/8X3/447.8116.88321940.4
1/2"1/8"SWC 1/2X1/837.31222.85222227.2
1/2"1/4"SWC 1/2X1/440.41522.86222230.2
1/2"3/8"SWC 1/2X3/840.21522.88222231.8
1/2"1/2"SWC 1/2X1/246.72022.810272236.6
1/2"3/4"SWC 1/2X3/448.32122.810322238.2
1/2"1"SWC 1/2X151.32422.810402241.2
5/8"3/8"SWC 5/8X3/842.11524.48272732.0
5/8"1/2"SWC 5/8X1/246.92024.411272736.8
5/8"3/4"SWC 5/8X3/448.52124.412322738.4
3/4"1/2"SWC 3/4X1/246.72024.415273036.6
3/4"3/4"SWC 3/4X3/448.32124.415323038.1
1"3/4"SWC 1X3/453.32131.321353841.1
1"1"SWC 1X162.22431.321403850.0
4mm1/8"SWC 4X1/829.71213.73141223.1
6mm1/8"SWC 6X1/831.31215.35141423.9
6mm1/4"SWC 6X1/435.81515.35171428.4
6mm3/8"SWC 6X3/837.61515.35221430.2
6mm1/2"SWC 6X1/242.52015.35271435.1
8mm1/8"SWC 8X1/832.11216.25141724.6
8mm1/4"SWC 8X1/437.01516.26171729.5
8mm3/8"SWC 8X3/838.51516.26221731.0
8mm1/2"SWC 8X1/243.32016.26271735.8
10mm1/8"SWC 10X1/834.81217.25191927.2
10mm1/4"SWC 10X1/437.81517.26191930.3
10mm3/8"SWC 10X3/839.41517.28221936.8
10mm1/2"SWC 10X1/244.22017.28271936.8
12mm1/8"SWC 12X1/837.31522.85222227.2
12mm1/4"SWC 12X1/440.31522.86222230.2
12mm3/4"SWC 12X3/441.91522.88222231.8
12mm1/2"SWC 12X1/246.72022.810272236.6
12mm3/4SWC 12X3/448.32122.810322238.2
12mm1"SWC 12X151.32422.810402241.2
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

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