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Model YC: Y Connector Push In Fittings


Model YC Dimensions
Y Connector

Model ФD Thread Size A B F H
YC 5/32 10-325/3210-32UNF3.8401411.1
YC 5/32 N1/85/32NPT1/87.5421411.1
YC 5/32 N1/45/32NPT1/410.5461414.3
YC 3/16 10-323/1610-32UNF3.840.314.311.1
YC 3/16 N1/83/16NPT1/87.542.814.311.1
YC 3/16 N1/43/16NPT1/410.546.314.314.3
YC 3/16 N3/83/16NPT3/81147.314.317.4
YC 1/4 10-321/410-32UNF3.842.514.812.7
YC 1/4 N1/81/4NPT1/87.543.814.812.7
YC 1/4 N1/41/4NPT1/410.547.314.814.3
YC 1/4 N3/81/4NPT3/81148.314.817.4
YC 5/16 N1/85/16NPT1/87.547.118.214.3
YC 5/16 N1/45/17NPT1/410.550.118.214.3
YC 5/16 N3/85/18NPT3/81151.118.217.4
YC 3/8 N1/83/8NPT1/87.555.119.517.4
YC 3/8 N1/43/8NPT1/410.558.119.517.4
YC 3/8 N3/83/8NPT3/81158.619.517.4
YC 3/8 N1/23/8NPT1/21462.119.522.2
YC 1/2 N1/41/2NPT1/410.563.121.622.2
YC 1/2 N3/81/2NPT3/81163.621.622.2
YC 1/2 N1/21/2NPT1/21466.621.622.2
YC 4 M54M53.839.31410
YC 4 M64M64.5401410
YC 4 R1/84R1/8741.51410
YC 4 R1/44R1/49.5451414
YC 6 M56M53.841.114.812
YC 6 M66M64.541.814.812
YC 6 R1/86R1/8743.314.812
YC 6 R1/46R1/49.546.314.814
YC 6 R3/86R3/810.547.814.817
YC 6 R1/26R1/213.551.314.821
YC 8 R1/88R1/8746.618.214
YC 8 R1/48R1/49.549.118.214
YC 8 R3/88R3/810.550.618.217
YC 8 R1/28R1/213.554.118.221
YC 10 R1/810R1/8754.619.517
YC 10 R1/410R1/49.557.119.517
YC 10 R3/810R3/810.558.119.517
YC 10 R1/210R1/213.561.619.521
YC 12 R1/412R1/49.562.121.621
YC 12 R3/812R3/810.563.121.621
YC 12 R1/212R1/213.566.121.621
Dimensions for Reference Use Only: Imperial fittings in mm, Metric fittings in mm, U.S.O.

Link to Push-In Air Fitting Installation Procedure and Specifications

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